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FESCO, short for Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, is leading the digital transformation of utilities in Pakistan with its FESCO Online Bill system. This innovative service catapults the mundane task of paying electricity bills from the counters to your computers. Thus, revolutionizing the concept of utility bill payments.

The purpose of this post is to facilitate the FESCO consumers to check the duplicate copy of the FESCO bill online. So FESCO is the company that supplies, distributes, and sells electricity in Faisalabad and all around it to about 4.5 million customers. Consequently, its area of service extends to Bhakkar, Jhang, Mianwali, Faisalabad, and Sargodha.

FESCO Online Bill Faisalabad

FESCO online bill Faisalabad is a platform where you can check your bills or print them. It sometimes happened with users losing their bills, or maybe sometimes your bill is delivered to the wrong address. You do not have to worry now. You can now easily get a copy of your FESCO online bill from the website and can print out it easily. The world is changing now everything is going to happen online. Every person needs to get remote services. FESCO online bill is also an online service that gives you ease and you can get a copy of your bill at home.

fesco online duplicate bill

How to get Online Bill Faisalabad?

In order to get a copy of your bill, you need to follow a few simple steps and everything will be good to go:

  1. Take out your previous bill and see a reference number is pasted there.
  2. Enter the reference number in the box shown
  3. Your bill will generate and you can see it.
  4. You can get it printed form by clicking Ctrl + p.

Finding Reference Number on FESCO Bill?

If you have never seen your reference number, then just look up at the left side of the pic given above and your reference number will be written in a red box. It is so easy once you get the reference number you can pay your bill also through the app. In this way, you can pay your bills by sitting at home.

FESCO Bill Calculator

If you are not able to get your bill and you want to know the bill’s last date, you can go for the calculator option. Go to the meter box get your units and write them on the calculator. In this way, your estimated bill will be generated. Prices of units have been updated regularly.


FESCO provides citizens with hydropower electricity. It is developed in 1988, giving quality power supply across cities in Pakistan. FESCO is also a part of Wapda. It is most of the professional and trustworthy companies of Pakistan.

How many areas are under FESCO?

  • Bhakkar
  • Jhang
  • Mianwali
  • Faisalabad
  • Sargodha

FESCO New Connection

Getting FESCO’s a new connection is very easy. The consumer can get the application form free of cost from the Sub Division situated in his area or download the said form by clicking on the button below.

Then duly filled application form is to be submitted in the same Sub Division, where the Clerk will issue a receipt of acknowledgment that he has received the application form.

Finally, the application for a new connection will be processed by Sub Division and the new connection will be installed approximately within one month. In case the connection is not available due to any technical or any other reason, the customer would be informed accordingly of the cause for the rejection of the application.

Download FESCO Forms

You can download various FESCO forms by clicking the corresponding buttons given below:

New Connections Application Procedure
New Connections Application Form

Pay Online Bill

Users can easily pay online bills at home. You can do it by internet banking and jazz cash. It is now just a few clicks. You can pay bills through online platforms. Sms alert service is also available. You can subscribe for bill updates.

Download and Check FESCO Online Bill

At this point on the internet, if you lose your invoice or something else takes place to it, you don’t want to visit the change of the electrical strength workplace only for the sake of having a reproduction invoice. The online invoice printing gadget has solved many power purchasers’ trouble in Pakistan at a well-known patron and industrial level. At this point on the internet, if you lose your invoice or something else takes place to it, you don’t want to visit the change of the electrical strength workplace only for the sake of having a reproduction invoice.

WAPDA Online Bills

Almost all sectors of WAPDA are presenting online reproduction invoice downloading and printing centers to their purchasers. Like most WAPDA power regions, Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company is likewise letting its purchasers get the reproduction power invoice from its legitimate internet site. The Duplicate Bill received from the Official FESCO internet site is handled simply because the unique invoice and the charge of the preceding month can also be achieved using this invoice.


If you are facing any other issue related to your bill you can call FESCO and get notified with all your answers. FESCO online bill service is to ease the users especially if you are a job holder and cannot go for the bill payment you can pay through online service. Get the service by filling up some formalities.

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