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The SEPCO bill is a crucial document for all electric power consumers in Pakistan. It outlines the charges and fees associated with electricity usage and helps consumers keep track of their monthly expenses. In this article, we will delve deep into the SEPCO bill and understand its various components, how it is calculated, and how it affects the consumer.

What is SEPCO?

SEPCO stands for South East Power Company, a power distribution company in Pakistan. SEPCO is responsible for the distribution of electricity in multiple regions of the country and serves millions of consumers. The company is committed to providing reliable and affordable electricity to its customers and ensuring efficient use of energy resources.

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Components of the SEPCO Bill

The SEPCO bill consists of various components, including the energy charge, fixed charges, fuel surcharge, taxes, and others. Let’s take a closer look at each of these components.

Energy Charge

The energy charge is the charge for the electricity consumed by the consumer. It is calculated based on the units of electricity used during the billing period. The rate per unit may vary depending on the consumer’s usage and the tariffs set by the government.

Fixed Charges

Fixed charges are a fixed amount that is added to the bill every month regardless of the electricity consumption. These charges are used to cover the costs of maintaining the infrastructure, such as transmission lines and distribution networks.

Fuel Surcharge

The fuel surcharge is an additional fee added to the bill to compensate for the fluctuating costs of fuel used to generate electricity. The surcharge is calculated based on the changes in fuel prices and the government’s policies.


The SEPCO bill also includes various taxes, such as sales tax and regulatory duties, which are imposed by the government. These taxes are included in the final bill amount and are mandatory for all consumers.

Understanding the SEPCO Bill Calculations

The SEPCO bill is calculated based on several factors, including the electricity consumed, fixed charges, fuel surcharge, taxes, and others. The bill is generated every month and provides a detailed breakdown of all the charges and fees.

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Impact of the SEPCO Bill on Consumers

The SEPCO bill plays a crucial role in determining the electricity expenses of consumers. It is essential for consumers to understand the various components of the bill and how it is calculated to keep track of their expenses and make informed decisions. By using energy efficiently and reducing electricity consumption, consumers can also reduce their monthly bill amounts.


The SEPCO bill is an important document for all electric power consumers in Pakistan. By understanding its components and calculations, consumers can make informed decisions about their electricity usage and expenses. With the aim of providing reliable and affordable electricity, SEPCO continues to strive towards a better future for its customers.

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To file your complaints related to SEPCO over billing or any general complaint or theft of electricity. Here are the contact numbers and email addresses to contact SEPCO staff.

SEPCO Helpline: Call 118 or SMS at 8118

SEPCO address: Head Office Thermal Power Station Old Sukkur

Landline Tel: 071-9310795 / 071-5621633

Fax Number: 071-5621633 / 071-9310797

Email address:  [email protected]

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